Exciting Announcement (After June’s “Thyroid Health & Lifestyle Hacks”) … And It Has To Do With Your Metabolism

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Ready to press the “FASTER” button on your results!?

You probably already know that your metabolism plays a HUGE role in your results – because it affects how your body processes fuel, both how fast and how much. Pain, Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Metabolism, Thyroid, the Other Pain Clinic Inc, the Other Pain Clinic

Last Month

the Other Pain Clinic Inc™ had a  “Thyroid Health & Lifestyle Hacks presentation series.

In Part 1, it was shown  how the thyroid is the major player for metabolism in the body.

There were also 6 lifestyle factors identified, that can affect the health of your thyroid, resulting in the thyroid being inefficient in doing its job as the body’s major function – to regulate the metabolism in your body.

So Because There Were Many People Who Attended

Over the next few weeks we’re going to talk about PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE STEPS you can take to fire your metabolism up and balance it out.  (I’ve also got a VERY exciting announcement! More below!)

It’s tempting to think of your metabolism as a “thing” – kind of like your body’s speedometer that controls the rate your body burns energy.

But your metabolism actually is a complex PROCESS where your body converts the food you eat into energy. It’s a series of chemical reactions that happen inside your cells.

Your own metabolic burn depends on many things. Some are outside your control … like your genetics and gender. But the great news is that you have control over a LOT of the other factors … like your activity level, sleep and even how stressed you feel!


A Fast Look At A Few Major Factors That YOU Control

And these are factors that play a role in how fast or how slow your metabolism is:

  • FOOD CHOICES – Eating a balanced, whole-foods-based diet with enough protein and fiber can help boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day will also make a big impact!


  • EXERCISE – Nearly all workouts can help you burn more calories, but strength training and high-intensity interval training workouts can give you some bonus burn after your workout is over.


  • STRESS – When you are stressed, it can affect your body’s hormones, which can in turn make your body burn fewer calories (and store fat).


  • SLEEP – Not getting enough sleep also affects your hormones. You can end up feeling extra hungry AND burn fewer calories (this is why I talk about sleep so much!).


  • OTHER ACTIVITY – This is a secret weapon for metabolism! Basically, the more active you are OUTSIDE your workouts, the more calories you burn all day. It can add up fast.


Here’s the best thing that no one talks about when it comes to those these components:

. . . when you get them working together, not only does your metabolism rev up … but you also FEEL GREAT.

Imagine feeling more energized, lighter on your feet, and you might even start to hear people comment on your healthy “glow!”

So, lots more to come in the coming weeks. We’ll dive in deeper with actionable advice and pro tips to help you fire your metabolism up and keep it there!


Oh, By The Way …

I’ve put together a new FREE Metabolic Jump Start Workshop for this month. Follow the Other Pain Clinic Inc™ to learn about the date of the free workshop.

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It’s my brand new workshop that’ll help you fire up your metabolism to boost calorie burn and accelerate your results!

When you register in the FREE Metabolic Jump Start Workshop, you will get:

  • Step-by-step action worksheets
  • A complete guide
  • And coaching!


Join us NOW by clicking here.


Committed to your health,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist @ the Other Pain Clinic Inc


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