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So much of health is all about habits and actions, but where do these all stem from? What if we don’t have to make as many changes as we think we do? What if there was one powerful thing that makes a lot of difference?

That thing is mindset. It is an important part of self-care when you have a chronic pain or chronic health condition – for yourself and for your care giver.

Mindset is sometimes called “the story we tell ourselves.” It’s our attitude toward things in our life. And we have control over our mindset.

And research is showing that it may be far more powerful than we thought.


An interesting health mindset study – and the quick story about this study.

Researchers at Stanford University looked at a bunch of people’s health and wellness lifestyle habits, as well as health markers. The result was that people just thought they were less active, had a higher percent score of health risks than the general public.

So how is this even possible that people who simply thought they were less active had higher risks, even if it wasn’t true?

There are a couple of ideas why.

  1. Maybe if we feel like we’re less active, it may make us feel more stressed. And stress isn’t good for our mental or physical health.
  2. There may be a bit of a mind-body connection where the body embodies what the mind visualizes.

Researchers don’t know why, but what matters is that there is a good mindset. So, let me give you a couple of strategies to boost your mindset for health.

Health Mindset Tip # 1 – Aim For Good Enough.

Almost no one eats perfectly seven days a week. It’s inevitable that obsessing over the quality and quantity of everything we eat or drink isn’t necessarily a great mindset to have. It can bring on binging, shame, and guilt – none of these are great ways to get healthy.

We want to get healthier by making better choices and building better habits. And these are usually best done incrementally – one step at a time.

So, instead of having a black and white approach where everything is good or bad, why not try aiming for good enough to empower ourselves to make better choices, instead of perfect choices.


Health Mindset Tip # 2 – Stop Making Tradeoffs

As an example, when you try to earn a gluttonous weekend, by eating clean during the week, you’re making a tradeoff. You’re telling yourself that, as long as you’re good most of the week, you can go wild on the weekend.

And that’s not too awesome because the mindset is jumping from one extreme to the other.

You’re controlling what you do all week, and possibly thinking about how to indulge over the weekend.

Just live as though you’re trying to do well every single day. Like you care about your health and wellness. You’re doing your best, and that’s good enough.


Some Thoughts …

Mindset for health can be a powerful tool for better physical health. There’s a proven mind-body connection that research can measure. I challenge you to your own self-care mindset for health over the next 5 days. If that is too much, reduce it to the next 3 days or even the next 24 hours.

Thinking positively, and dropping the black/white and good/bad labels, can help you enrich your health, energy throughout the day or week, and also your overall relationships with those around you.

So, how is your mindset for health? Which of these tips resonate with you the most? How are you going to implement them in your life? Let me know … and make sure you look for the next blog post for a recipe to help shake up your morning mindset 🙂

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