Online & Offline Signature Wellness Programs For Pain, Chronic Pain, & Mental Health


What Are Signature Pain, Chronic Pain, & Mental Health Wellness Programs?

These are individualized programs intended to help with a pain, chronic pain, chronic health or mental health condition being experienced by you. By the end of the program, the result is to have  a better or less pain day or days, less frequent pain days, or less intense pain, while having gained increased energy to do your everyday activities.

These signature wellness programs are designed to be delivered through a combination of services bundled together (and yes even online!)

  • manual therapy techniques
  • exercise therapy
  • medical exercise prescription
  • kinesiotaping applications
  • health & lifestyle coaching
  • supportive through accountability checks
  • whole food nutrition programs


Who Are The Signature Pain, Chronic Pain, & Mental Health Wellness Programs For?

These are for you, if you are …

  • looking for a drug free way to help in getting relief from the pain, chronic pain, chronic health, and mental health condition,
  • want to manage pain symptoms better with health and lifestyle habits,
  • improve the quality of your life even while living with a pain, chronic pain, chronic health or mental health condition

For instance, it is about getting relief from a chronic health condition, like an osteoarthritic knee (due for surgery), where the inflammation is reduced, the range of motion and strength is improving, feeling less depression because seeing and feeling improved daily function for everyday activities while becoming personally healthier.

Why Were These Signature Wellness Programs Created?

These programs were created to help in providing a drug free alternative to managing symptoms better, having less frequent and less intense bouts of pain flare ups.

These programs were also created to minimize the waiting to get to an appointment. Online access now provides care to be delivered to the person’s home, without the hassle of driving, parking, and long waits to get seen by an exercise specialist.

Oh yeah, the programs are based on the results of research and programs that have been done that have given individuals relief and reduced pain from their pain, chronic pain, chronic health or mental health condition(s).

How Long Are The Signature Wellness Programs?

They vary in length depending on the health condition and the purpose of the program. Some  are as short as  8 weeks. Most are 12 weeks. Some programs can continue for 24, 36, even 48 weeks, depending on the nature of the condition. Each Signature Program will have their own unique purpose and description.


Where Are The Signature Wellness Programs Done?*

Usually all sessions are done at the office of The Other Pain Clinic Inc™ . However with the new social shift for health and wellness prevention (COVID-19), the programs will be made available through online programs, through our PhysiApp platform as well as email, and telephone (where applicable).


When Can Someone Start A Signature Wellness Program?

A Signature Chronic Health & Chronic Pain Program can be started by contacting me at The Other Pain Clinic Inc™ to start the process. Click here.


What Types of Signature Pain, Chronic Pain & Mental Health Programs Are There?

As the types of programs are created, they will be listed here.

Pains & Chronic Pains … 

    • Bad Back
    • Troublesome & Ouchy Knees
    • Achey & Stiff Joints
    • Hurting Shoulders
    • Neuropathic

Health Conditions . . .

    • Respiratory
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Hypertension
    • Lipedema
    • Menopause
    • Endometreosis
    • Osteoarthrities
    • Arthritis

Mental Health Conditions . . .

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Cognitive Impairment / Decline

Distinctive Chronic Health Conditions . . . 

    • Integrative Lyme Disease Exercise Therapy & Wellness
    • Crohn’s & Colitis
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
    • Lipedema
    • Lymphedema (Non-Cancer Related and Cancer-Related)
    • Brain Tumour Exercise Therapy

Pre & Post Surgery . . . 

    • Knee Replacement
    • Hip Replacement
    • Back Surgery
    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Scar Tissue Therapy (Post Surgery)


Why Should You Care?

Because I care about your health and well-being while living with a chronic pain, chronic health or mental health condition. I want you to be able to have a bit more time in your day to spend with your family and friends. I want to hear about you being able to modify an activity that you enjoyed in the past and found a new way to go about it.

I care.

By working together, it is about engaging in a journey where I help you adopt healthier health and lifestyle habits that can be easily done, while I sprinkle in some hands-on manual therapy, coach you with some proper medical exercises, use some cool kinesiotape techniques, and with the help of my nutrition colleagues have “done-for-you” supportive nutrition programs that take a lot of the guess work out of eating better.

Oh yeah, I believe in using various modes of technology to help you along your journey through the health/lifestyle coaching that is also available to you.

In health,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist

p.s. Check Out My Credentials here to see if I am a good fit to work with you 🙂

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