2 Things To Help For Positivity In Pain, Chronic Pain & Mental Health Self-Care

Good morning,

I read this stat on Jack Canfield’s blog that blew me away:

“Researchers estimate that we think about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day – and that about 80% of those thoughts are negative.”

WHAT! That’s a mindblowing amount of negative self-talk.

If you’re going to live the life you are MEANT to live and that you DESERVE, it can’t be dragged down by all of that negativity and doubt.

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If you’ve ever caught yourself saying:

  • “They must think I’m _____”
  • “I should be _____ by now.”
  • “Why am I so _____.”
  • “Why can’t I ever seem to ____.”


And filling in those blanks with something negative … then you have GOT to change the conversation happening in your head.

In my last blog post,  I shared a solid step-by-step strategy to help you shift that negative chatter into something that empowers you and helps you reach your goals.


Try This To “Prime” Your Brain For Positivity


Today, I want to teach you how to PRIME YOUR BRAIN to be more receptive to the positive messages you are sending it … and it’s backed by science!

Studies show you can “prime” your brain to be more open to feeling confident, positive, and make healthier choices – and physically alter your brain circuitry in a way that promotes more positive responses!

Two Things To Try

  1. Meditation.

In fact, you can notice a difference in brain circuitry after just 2 weeks of meditation! Compassion and kindness meditations are very impactful. Many apps (like Headspace or Calm) include these guided meditations, plus there are hundreds of them for free on YouTube.


  1. Discover WHY.

Think about why or how your health (or your body confidence) is meaningful for you.

Why does it matter? How will it serve you, your family, your community? What will it help you do, be, or achieve?

Making that “meaningful” connection turns on the part of your brain that responds to health advice. That, in turn, can help you feel more proactive about taking action!


Pairing these priming techniques with the shift in negative to positive self-talk will pack a 1-2 punch … and negativity won’t stand a chance.

This is incredibly POWERFUL if you apply it and take action. It just takes a little practice.

When will you start to practice these 2 steps?


Make your day a great day,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist @ the Other Pain Clinic Inc


P.S. I’m here to help you get there … I’ve got a few spots available for Discovery sessions this week! If you’d like some help figuring out the best route to results, let’s talk! Hit “reply” and I’ll get back to you ASAP with the details!

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