In Pain? The Importance Of Mindfulness And Being Present

Good afternoon,

Do you ever lie awake at night with your mind racing with all of the things you have to do?

Don’t you hate that? Or even worse, thinking back on something you wish you’d said, or a situation you would like to go back and change?

It could be something that happened last night … or even last month!

If your mind is racing, you’re living in the future. And if you’re thinking about something that happened last night or last decade, you are living in the past you are basically, you’re anywhere except where you need to be right now:


Reflecting on experience is incredibly valuable to help you make better decisions going forward …

But dwelling on your problems is linked with developing anxiety and depression.

And as we approach the holiday season, it can get overwhelming and downright stressful, so to help you stay present and actually ENJOY the up-coming holiday season.

I Want To Share A Few Things . . .

To help you stay centered and present. So here are just a few:

1 – Get in a solid workout

2 – Go outside for a walk – or just find a quiet place outside to sit!

3 – Do something creative

4 – Meditate or do deep breathing for 5 minutes

5 – Read a book for FUN

6 – Listen to some of my favorite music

7 – Perform a random act of kindness for a friend or stranger

8 – Take a nap

9 – Play with your kids or pets

10 – Journal and practice gratitude

All of these activities have the power to bring you back to the present moment and help you to be more mindful going forward.

This is so important year-round … but even more important during the up-coming holidays.

Make sure you prioritize some time to unplug and “be here now” – because that’s what the life is all about!

Committed to Your Health,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist at the Other Pain Clinic Inc

p.s. Ready to finish out 2020 STRONG and make real progress towards your health goals?

I am opening up 3 spots for a Discovery Session this week. This is perfect if you want to make those priorities a reality! If you want more info, just email me and we can talk!

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