Welcome Back To In-Person Sessions (Online Services Still Available!)

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I am BEYOND EXCITED to finally be able to send you this blog post today!

As my provincial government begins to reopen services around the province, I want to share my exact plans for reopening the Other Pain Clinic Inc.™   I look forward to see you again for that 1-on-1 session, to be able to help with relieving pain and discomfort and provide fresh guidance with your exercise therapy … it feels like it’s been forever!

The Purpose Of This Blog Post Is For 2 Reasons: 

  1. To share my plans for reopening of live in-person sessions (woohoo!)
  2. To share all of the extra preventative measures and precautions I am taking to keep the therapy space clean and my clients healthy and safeness top-of-mind! 

Your Health And Safety IS My #1 Priority

Every decision that I’ve made has been guided by that premise. The feedback received, combined with the government guidelines, helped to create the moving forward action plan.


the Other Pain Clinic Inc™ – ReOpening Plan

the Overview:

I have a phased approach to reopening, similar to the 3-Stage approach laid out to the government, and I am pleased to say, it falls within stage 1 for the exercise therapy services (Alberta Government Relaunch Strategy).

When Stage 1 is announced for Alberta, later this week, my plan is to: 

Since our sessions are all single session (health provider and client) and the therapy space has enough space to safely hold sessions, while adhering to guidelines set out by the health care agency, I will be reopening with a limited schedule for the first 2 weeks.

Our sessions will be scheduled. To reserve your sessions, please contact me.

I appreciate your patience as we work through the reopening phases!


the Other Pain Clinic Inc™ – Extra Safety Measures

Now that my plan is laid out, I want to make sure you know about all of the additional health and safety precautions I am taking at the exercise therapy location.

Upgraded Cleaning Schedule:

I will be thoroughly disinfecting the handles, switches, and any equipment used/touched throughout the day after each use. I’ve allowed for more time between sessions so things can be cleaned. This includes the regular cleaning of doorknobs and any other surfaces or objects (ex. pens) that are touched throughout the day. The exercise therapy space  will also have a deep clean on a daily basis, when it is used.

Updated Programming:

I’ve updated the exercise therapy programming so you will be able to workout in your own home as well as the sessions done at the Other Pain Clinic Inc™  with the use of Physitrack.   Please click here to learn more. 

Hand Sanitizer  & Cleaning Wipes:

These items will be readily available for your use throughout the studio exercise therapy space. 


I will be wearing a mask while at the studio exercise therapy space for the sessions, as long as it’s necessary. If you’d like to wear one, please do! 

My Own Handwashing:

I will be washing their hands when they arrive and leave for at LEAST 20 seconds, and also throughout the day after each class or coaching session. 


the Other Pain Clinic Inc™ – Client Prevention

“We are in this together” is the national (worldwide) slogan, and I need YOUR help as I reopen to keep my work space and your feel better / exercise therapy space as safe as possible. 

  1. Footwear: I am asking that everyone removes their footwear, when entering. I am using only indoor shoes (no street shoes) in the studio. This will help avoid tracking in any germs or bacteria. Please bring a separate pair of sneakers that you only wear inside the studio if you would like to. 
  2. Air High-Fives! As much as we LOVE high-fives in the studio, we’ll be doing air-high-fives for the time being. 
  3. Hand Washing: Please wash your hands for at LEAST 20 seconds BEFORE your session (and use the hand sanitizer, if needed). 
  4. Please Stay Home If You’re Not Well: If you’re not feeling 100%, please stay home and rest or participate in the available virtual sessions until you are feeling better. 
  5. Please Avoid “Congregating” In Groups Before / After Sessions: I am also asking clients to avoid gathering in groups before, during, or after their sessions. Again, this is because of social distancing guidelines. If you arrive early for your session, consider staying in your car until it’s time to come in.


Phew! That was a lot to cover! Please know the above may change slightly if government recommendations change. Thank you so much for your patience as I navigate through the reopening. 

I cannot WAIT to see you again back in the exercise therapy studio!  As always, I am here for you. If you have any questions or need anything, reach out any time. 

Committed to Your Health,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist at the Other Pain Clinic Inc

p.s. Click here to see the types of Signature Wellness Programs available for you or someone you know that may need some help.

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