A Clinic Perspective: Giving A Little Help For The Winter … For Minimizing Chronic Pain & Injuries

Winter Injury & Chronic Pain Flare-Up Prevention 101 

chronic pain CalgaryIf you are going to be lifting and moving things, shoveling snow or engaging in other forms of exercise, make sure to warm up and stretch before you begin.

Some Tips For You

  • Start slowly and maintain as good as a  posture as you increase the intensity of exercise over 10-15 minutes.
  • Take short breaks and give your muscles and joints a chance to ‘adjust’ to the task. From a medical exercise perspective, I will suggest that you use your knees rather than your lower back to lift heavy objects, avoid twisting movements and breath normally at all times.
  • Hold heavy objects close to the body to reduce strain on the lumbar spine. The feet should be kept wide apart to increase the base of support, and the knees must be slightly bent.
  • Use your entire body to move objects rather than twisting your back. If you are shoveling snow, you must avoid twisting motions of the lower back such as throwing the snow over the shoulder behind you.

With the right combination of breathing, warm up and the correct technique, you can reduce the probability of injury significantly and having flare-ups for chronic pain conditions.

If you have aches and pains that get worse during the winter, it may be time to see someone on your therapy team.

If you are looking for a certified medical exercise specialist for your therapy team, know that your certified medical exercise specialist will assess your current activity levels and functional ranges. Also, there will be a discussion about your short-term and long-term goals. All this information will be used to devise an individualized plan of action to help gain function over the underlying cause of pain as quickly as possible. Click here to set up your appointment.

Wishing you and your family a great start of the holiday season!

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