A Clinic Perspective On Cold Weather & Lower Back Chronic Pain

Can Cold Weather Be A Factor With Chronic Pain In Your Lower Back?Chronic Pain Calgary_Winter

As we head into the holidays, the weather starts to change. As the temperature drops, aches and pains may become a frequent occurrence.

Without a proper warm up and stretching, activities like snow shoveling and even prolonged standing can trigger low back pain, knee pain and other injuries.

It is important to remember that blood flow to muscles and joints decreases as a direct result of reduced activity. In addition, the abundance of food during the holidays may result in some additional weight gain. Therefore, it is crucial to stay active, keep the blood circulation going, and burn extra calories during the winter.

It is common knowledge that structured individualized medical exercise programs help in the treatment of injuries, but did you know that injury prevention becomes crucial during the winter?

A single appointment with your certified medical exercise specialist at the Other Pain Clinic Inc.™ has the potential to help you enjoy a happy, healthy and injury-free holiday season. Check your calendar and click here to set up your appointment.

Wishing you and your family a great start to the holiday season!

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