A Clinical Update From Today: Using Kinesiotape For Abdominal Bloating & Swelling

Today, I saw a client who wanted to have help for her ribs by using kinesiotape to provide support and comfort while doing activities of daily living.

After that was done, she also mentioned having some abdominal discomfort with some bloating and swelling.

From my experience in using kinesiotape for abdominal bloating issues with IBS, Chron’s, and Colitis, I suggested using a kinesiotape application for the colon. Kinesiotape Chronic Pain

This resulted in her feeling a shift as well as movement in the abdominal region and feeling better overall.

To find out more information about how kinesiotape can be of benefit to you or someone you know, contact me.

In health, 

Francois, MES, CLT, KTP, HBPE

Founder & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist @ the Other Pain Clinic Inc.™

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