I Was Wrong …

I took most of the summer off and I was away from here as well as my business as a whole.

I was wrong to not have been in constant contact or communication about interesting topics that I have posted here in the past and also shared with you delicious recipes to try out (and hopefully add to your recipe collection!) that related to the topic. For example, February is usually Heart & Stroke month, so I posted some topics about Blood Sugar Stability and High Blood Pressure with related recipes.

It was also wrong to not constantly work strengthening my collaborative network of professionals over the summer, yet summer is also a time to take a break and refresh for the for body, mind, and spirit. I am stepping that up this month!

Over the summer, I did do some reflection and what this business is about. I have shared some of that with you in pages of this website, which will be continuously having different versions of it published.

Some new things that will be happening are:

  • Themed Blog Posts, which I will share with you. For example, for the remainder of September it is about Creating Your Mindset For Health and Finding 9 Other Ways To Break Free From Stress, If You Can’t Meditate. And yes even if you are living with a chronic health condition or chronic pain condition, this will help.
  • A Recipe Post. Ok, I think this is self-explanatory 🙂 I hope you add them to your recipe library. Also just listen to your body, if you are lactose, swap out the milk for something that agrees with you.
  • An Exercise Review. There are so many benefits of engaging in activity, be it physical activity like a walk to a planned and purposeful exercise routine. Here I will highlight an exercise and look at proper mechanics and technique.
  • Inspirational Pictures and/or Quotes I think we all like those!
  • A Perspective From Me. This could be in the form of a review of research that I have been reading or from the clinic perspective about what is happening.

So thank you. Thank you for your patience and I also do hope you had a great summer with family and friends.

Let’s continue the journey of being healthier together …


in health, 

Francois, MES, CLT, KTP, HBPE

Creator & CEO



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