The BEST Proven Plan To Help You Get Moving

Good morning,

Have you ever noticed how invigorated you feel after you go for a walk … do some yoga … or even get up off the couch to tackle some chores?

There are so many reasons for this “feel good” effect that extends far beyond the mood-boosting hormones that get released when you get some exercise.

Feel Good After Exercise
  • Moving your body helps you to digest food better (and use up that fuel, too, including keeping your blood sugar in better balance).
  • It revs up your immune system, fights stress, helps you sleep better, and builds and maintains stronger bones and muscles!

And of course,

  • It helps you maintain your weight, build confidence, and boost energy.

And even though exercise can do all of this for us …

FACT: Only 1 in 3 people get the amount of recommended exercise each week! And less than 5% get 30 minutes of activity a day.

But Where Do You Start?

So what’s the #1 BEST workout that you can do to reach your health and fitness goals?

With all of the new & shiny fitness options out there – and so many different opinions about what’s best – and so many amazing claims …

Info overload like this can actually stop you from ever getting started in the first place.

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No worries! I’ve got your answer!

The best workout routine for you is (…. cue drumroll … )

The workouts you actually will DO and enjoy!

So often we worry about . . .

  • finding the “perfect” plan or spend hours researching what to do


  • decide we will start “next Monday” … (seriously, do you know how many times I’ve heard this?!)


  • wait until that pair of workout shoes we ordered finally arrives.

The REAL TRUTH is that feeling better is literally 12 minutes away – I’m talking about 12 minutes from right now.

All it takes is a brisk walk around the neighborhood – or picking up that pair of dumbbells in the closet and cranking out a few exercises.

It doesn’t haven’t be complicated. You just need to make a decision and take that FIRST step.

You are worth it.

You’ve got ONE life. Let’s make the most of it.

You deserve to see what you’re capable of.

If you need someone in your corner to help you create a plan and support you along the way, I can help. This is my mission in my life and business.

If you’d like help in reaching your goals, as a thank you for taking the time to follow our website, blog, and Facebook Page, you’re invited to a free Discovery Session.

We are all about results here at the Other Pain Clinic Inc. Together, we can come up with a plan to get you the results you want with a program that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Hurry, because this free offer is only good for the next 14 days because my schedule is filling up quickly! Don’t miss this opportunity for a custom road-map to healthier, stronger, fitter you!

To schedule your session, simply reply to this blog post here.

Make your day an amazing day,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist at the Other Pain Clinic Inc

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