The Next 12 Days: Towards Re-Inventing Yourself In 2019 (With Some Help …)

ReInvent Yourself With Integrative Therapy In 2019

Chronic Pain 2019The science of healthcare is constantly evolving. Treatments are improving, and advances in science now allow individuals with chronic pain to live longer fulfilling lives.

One of those changes is how therapy services are being offered, such as integrative services to provided a more complete whole person approach, which addresses not only the functional physical medical exercises, but also the health lifestyle coaching and nutrition. This integration of services can help reduce chronic pain, improve mobility for individuals with chronic health conditions, and creates opportunity to live happier, healthier lives a bit faster.

As the new year is just 12 days away, I hope to get the opportunity to inspire you and your family and friends to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthier lifestyle.


What Integrative Services Can Do For Yousupervised aquatic therapy


  • Reduces High Flare-Ups For Chronic Pain Conditions & Risk Of Re-Injury

As your certified medical exercise specialist, I can provide you with a structured, progressive medical exercise program to help reduce injuries. The program would be a combination of warm-up routines, range of motion exercises, specific stretches, and even strength exercises. This will allow you to participate in the types of activities you enjoy, without having high flare-ups of chronic pain conditions.

  • Helps Improve Your Strength & Balance

A progressive individualized exercise program can help in improving muscle strength and promote balance and stabilization. For some who have chronic pain conditions and are at a risk for falls as a likely consequence of poor balance, an individualized program like this would be of great benefit.

  • Improves Your Posture

Every physical movement on a daily basis involves muscle contractions, joint motion and posture alignments. In a world where we spend more time sitting than ever before, postural problems are abundant. If you spend time hunched over your desk with your neck thrust forward and shoulders slouched, consider booking a session for a postural evaluation. A simple specific posture type of program can be tailored for you and help correct muscle imbalances, relieve joint tightness and also help with feeling taller!


12 Days …

In 12 days it will be 2019. The key to a healthier life is movement and function for your every day activities of living as well as the activities you enjoy doing for fun, recreation, and adding to yourself for a more fulfilling life.

Limitation in mobility and function does impact the quality of life.

The good news is that the benefits of having a certified medical exercise specialist with years of experience provides far-reaching outcomes to help you out. There is renewed confidence with all the research and advances on the benefits of exercise and function for most chronic pain conditions and makes it one of the most sought after therapies for individuals with a variety of health conditions.

As I wish you and your family Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, I also challenge you to start the year right – take care of you and contact me to learn more about what I can do for you to help you live your life with abundance and energy!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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