Clinic: Kinesiotaping In Scotland … For Shoulder & Knee Pain

Edinburgh Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


Over the past 2 weeks I travelled around Scotland from the west coast (Isle of Skye) to the east coast (St. Andrews), was in the highlands (Inverness), visited the castle in Edinburgh, caught up in history at University of Glasgow, and did some kinesiotaping …

Providing Relief From Chronic Pain In Scotland

The kinesiotaping that I showed and did, were for his chronic shoulder rotator cuff and her knee. 

Shoulder – Rotator Cuff

Yes a rotator cuff injury can create pain, reduce range of motion, and may decrease level of activity. 

Chronic Pain Rotator Cuff
Chronic Pain Rotator Cuff

Here is a result of what happened over the course of 5 days from having his shoulder put in a kinesiotape pattern for rotator cuff*

  • Improved sleep
  • Pain from 8/10 to 2/10
  • Did more in Yoga & Pilates
  • Did more activities of daily living around the home without gettting tired as quickly



Chronic Pain Knee
Chronic Pain Knee

Knees, over time, with joint changes can give us pain and discomfort in everyday mobility, decrease level of activity, and also give pain in various movement patterns. 

Before applying the kinesiotape for her knee, she did a full day of activities the day before and mentioned noticing the knee going down stairs. I showed and did a full knee support with the kinesiotape. 

The result from having the knee kineisotaped, 

  • Felt better from previous day when did lots walking without any kiniesotape on
  • Going down stairs better as not very painful


So, What Is The Take Away From This Blog Post? 

How kineisotape can be used with conventional physical therapy as a modality to help create stability, relieve pressure, increase circulation, and even help relaxed the overworked or strained muscles. 

Yes, icing after activity is also good, as is stretching, even with modifications. 

The bonus of using kinesiotape: once learned, it may be used as a self-management tool for at home. 

If you want any information about kineisotape, let me know by contacting me.

* Always consult with a trained health care professional for the first use of kineisotape (where applicable)

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