Chronic Pain & Mental Health: How To Develop Your Superpower…

Good morning,

I’ve got a throwback for you – and one that you’re going to love.

It is all about SELF-EFFICACY, which is basically your success and growth barometer. It’s a trait that can predict how successful you will be!

What makes it even more awesome is that you can build and develop it in a short period of time. It’s almost like a superpower. the other pain clinic, chronic pain, mental health, self efficacy

Self-efficacy is basically a fancy term for what happens in the children’s story, “The Little Engine That Could.”

Do you remember it?

It’s about a train that had to climb a big hill … and at first it wasn’t so sure it was possible.

It chanted, “I think I can, I think I can,” … which turned into “I know I can, I know I can,” … and eventually it pulled itself to the top of the hill.


Self-efficacy – the engine’s belief in itself that it could do hard things – is what powered that train up the mountain!

In a nutshell, self-efficacy is like self-confidence at the next level.

It’s the KNOWING that you can count on yourself when the chips are down … and that you can and will do your best whenever possible.

When you challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone, your self-efficacy meter goes up. The challenges can come from a few areas (influences) and it is the response to those challenges that makes the meter move! Here is a more “scientific-like” view on it ….


the other pain clinic, chronic pain, mental health, self efficacy


So How Do You Work On Building Your Self-Efficacy?


  • You do something that makes you uncomfortable.

It doesn’t mean going bungee jumping or signing up for a marathon.

It can be as simple (and as powerful) as deciding you are going to stick with a program for a month … even 7 days …

  • … and then following through with it, NO MATTER WHAT.

(Even on days you don’t want to. Even if you’re tired or busy . . . Especially when you’re tired and busy)


There is a huge payoff in all of this . . . 

You realize everything you’re capable of!

In the words of writer A.A. Milne in Winnie The Pooh, you learn:


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  –– Christopher Robin.


I KNOW you can do whatever you put your mind to. But do YOU know it?

All you have to do is decide … and then just do it!

You’ve got this.

If you’re still reading this blog post, and becoming the best version of yourself is something you really want in the new year, I’m here for you.


Make your day an amazing day,


Founder & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist

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