Chronic Pain, Mental Health & Heart Health . . . Show Your Heart Some Love!

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Good morning,

This blog post is a love letter to your heart muscle! Not only does this week coming involve Valentine’s Day on the 14th,  but for those of us who are involved in the health, wellness, and fitness industries,  February is heart health month and that is a great time to show it some TLC.


These Stats Blew Me Away!

First of all, did you know this hard-working muscle can beat around 3 billion times over your lifetime?

Pretty amazing, right? Your heart deserves as much support as you can give it to keep it strong and supple!

Here are a few other stats … (from where I live) and abroad too

Heart Disease in Canada

Number of Canadians Living With A Heart Condition 

      • According to the data from 2013, about 2.4 million (8.5%) Canadian adults aged 20 years and older live with diagnosed ischemic heart disease, including 578,000 (2.1%) with a history of a heart attack.
      • About 669,600 (3.6%) Canadian adults aged 40 years and older live with diagnosed heart failure.

Number of Canadians That Are Newly Diagnosed With A Heart Condition Each Year 

      • About 6 in 1,000 of Canadian adults aged 20 years and older received a new diagnosis of ischemic heart disease and specifically, about 3 per 1,000 adults had a first heart attack.
      • Approximately 6 per 1,000 Canadian adults aged 40 years and older received a new diagnosis of heart failure.

While I showed some stats for heart conditions in Canada, south of where I live, there is  similar, be it a higher account of heart attacks in the USA. and it’s also the top health condition (and can lead to death) in Australia and many parts of Europe.

Yes, it can be pretty scary! But the good news is there are some very simple things you can do starting TODAY to take care of your heart that I will be listing below, but first …

Some Interesting Stats … About The Relationship Between Mental Health & Heart (Cardiovascular) Health

the other pain clinic, chronic pain, mental health, cardiovascular, heart, valentine's daySome research shows that people with depression may have increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as both biological and chemical factors that can trigger a mental health condition, could also influence heart conditions.

Also, people with a physical chronic pain or chronic disease may have depression.

The take away is, there is suggestion (through research) that people who have a physical medical condition, can have depression and symptoms of both the physical and mental health condition.

Some Help For A Healthy Heart

Is this series of blog posts. If you need help with a health plan/lifestyle coaching for things that you can do (or pass this along to someone you may know that needs some help), I am here for you every step of the way.

Here are the next few blog posts coming up, related to having a healthy heart:

  • Cholesterol Myths
  • Why Your Waist Circumference Matters More Than What You Weigh
  • What Foods Can Help With Blood Pressure
  • Keeping Blood Sugar Stable

So, bookmark and follow the Other Pain Clinic Inc.™ for this up-and-coming series for Heart Month.

In The Meantime, Some Recommendations You Can Start Today … 

  • Eat more plants. Start by eating an extra veggie or fruit every day!
  • Add cold-water fish (like salmon) to your diet, because they are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Workout: both cardio and strength training exercise can help keep your heart strong.
  • Snack on raw nuts instead of sugary, processed foods (i.e., chips and cookies).
  • Avoid high-calorie (and sugary!) drinks like flavored lattes and soda. Drink water instead.
  • Practice deep breathing or meditation. These can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Every day, take a few minutes to say thanks. Having a gratitude practice is linked with better heart health.

What can you do TODAY to show your heart some love?

Hope you have an amazing day!


Founder & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist

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