Creating A Game Changing Year … Even If You Have Chronic Pain

The Simple Strategy That NEVER Fails . . . Chronic Pain Small Steps

Good morning,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week and enjoying some down time with your family and friends!

As we get ready for 2020, I wanted to share something that will help you create a game-changing year, and yes even if you are living with chronic pain or a chronic health condition.

It’s SO SIMPLE and it always works!!

Have you ever noticed how successful people all have one basic thing in common?

They take small, consistent actions toward their goals … and they learn and maybe do it a different way, yet they don’t stop.

  • It’s like the girl who decides she wants to play basketball and sets a goal to make a specific number of shots a day… every day… NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Or the student who goes to the library every night for 90 minutes to study…
  • Or the writer who writes X number of words every day without fail…
  • Or the business owner who tracks their financials every afternoon…

… and the person who has chronic pain who makes time for self-care each day with 1-2 small daily habits.

How Taking Small Consistent Steps Gives You A “Slight Edge” On Making Big Progress Toward Your Goals Of A Better Quality Of Your Day … (Even Having Less Frequency Of Pain Flare Ups)

There’s a saying that the easiest things to do are also the easiest things NOT to do.

And ironically enough, those are the very same things that can either drive you to your goals … or prevent you from reaching them.

→  It’s easy to decide to do a few stretches at night to help you wind down.
It’s also easy to decide NOT to do them, because you’re too tired or busy.

→ It’s easy to decide to pack your lunch for work. It’s also easy to decide
NOT to do that, because there’s a sandwich shop next to the office.

→ It’s easy to go for an afternoon walk to help beat the post-lunch fatigue
… and it’s also easy to grab a cup of coffee instead.

Success usually has very little to do with a huge 10-point master plan with bullet points and subheadings …

It’s small, non-negotiable habits that help you gain traction and make real progress over time.

Such a powerful message for this time of year!

What small changes can you implement in 2020 to help you live your best life?

Make Your Day An Amazing Day,


Founder & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist

(PS: If you’re ready to make 2020 a year you will have a better quality of a day, and you’re ready to make a real change in your life and make yourself a priority ….. Please follow http://www.theotherpainclinic.com to learn about the new 10 Simple Steps You Can Take self-management program coming up in the new year. Better yet, contact me, to be placed on a notification list about this program. 

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