Breast Reconstruction: Here Is Something To Get You Ready Before and After Surgery …

Do You Want To Get Better A Bit Faster After Surgery? After Surgery - Breast Reconstruction

With having surgery, there are two things to consider: what will you be doing before surgery and what will you be doing after the surgery to get back to your activities of daily living at home, work, and play? In this post, let’s take a quick look at what to do before surgery and something that is new, yet proven to help in getting better after surgery.

And Helping Yourself Before Surgery …

Yes there is listening to your health care team, yet how about helping yourself (and the doctor and his/her team) to prepare for surgery?

In the last post, there was mention about being active, for even as short as a 10-minute brisk walk and also keeping hydrated as well as getting into some good sleep habits. (If you have not looked at that blog post, click here and look for “You Like To Move It, Move It!” for a quick review).

With surgery and the things that you do before and after, the 3 things that help to factor in how quickly you get back to what you were doing before surgery are:

  • what is the speed of recovery from the surgery (this depends on type of surgery as well as individual factors),
  • ways help minimize the bruising & swelling,
  • and progression of successful therapy outcomes to return to everyday activities (work and home life)


Here Is A Relatively Unknown Technique (here in Calgary anyways) Yet Proven Way To Assist In Helping During Recovery After Surgery: Manual Lymphatic Therapymanual lymphatic therapy - the other pain clinic inc

Lymphatic therapy (also called manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage) is a very light stimulation of the lymphatic system, which encourages the lymphatic system to be more efficient in clearing away excess fluid and cellular waste.

Regardless of the type of surgery (dental, cosmetic, plastic, joint surgery, sport-related)  here are some of the benefits of after/post surgical treatments with manual lymphatic therapy rehabilitation:

After/Post-Surgery Benefits of Using Manual Lymphatic Therapy

* Alleviates side effects of medication and immobilization
* Reduces pain and alleviates spasms
* Reduces swelling and minimizes bruising
* Stimulates fluid circulation
* Improves skin regeneration optimizing the healing process
* Prevents the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scars

Even with these benefits, the results of lymphatic therapy will vary accordingly to the surgery area (for example: dental, cosmetic, plastic, orthopedic), its tissue structure, age of the individual, and medications being used. A healthy nutrition habit and progressive prescribed medical exercise will also contribute to maintain the results of healing quickly after surgery.

For more information about our after/post surgery signature health program that is available, let me know by clicking here.

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