Treat Yourself, You Deserve It – 10 Ways To Love Yourself (For Free)

Good morning,

Valentine’s Day is coming right up, and in its honour, I thought it would be fun to share a list of things you can do to pamper yourself …

…. for free (or almost free!)

When you do any of these things with intention and purpose, they will help you feel better: mind, body, and spirit.

And you definitely deserve that!

10 Ways To Love Yourself Today (& Every Day)

1. Get outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

Being outdoors helps you relax, lightens your mood, boosts your vitamin D, and even helps with healing. Even better – Find a park or other tree-filled area, and spend at least 15 minutes enjoying nature.

2. Read a book.

Let us count the ways reading a book is good for you: it strengthens your brain and prevents cognitive decline, builds empathy, improves your vocabulary, reduces stress, fights depression, and helps you sleep better. Plus – it’s linked to a longer lifespan!

3. Get in your workout.

You already know why 🙂 It helps lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It lifts your mood, helps reduce depression and stress, and is great for your brain. Plus – it strengthens your bones and muscles and can keep you feeling active and strong. It helps you sleep better and it boosts your chances of living longer.

4. Put your hand on your heart and tell yourself, “I love you!”

Seriously, try this. Put your hand on the left side of your chest and feel your heart beating. It’s working so hard to keep you strong and alive. Take a moment to feel gratitude for that. Then tell yourself, “I love you!” (Do it even if it feels weird.)

5. Make time for a 10-minute stretch session.

Stretching helps you feel better in so many different ways: it improves your circulation, activates the part of your body’s nervous system that helps controls rest & relaxation; and triggers the release of feel-good endorphins,

6. Listen to your favorite music.

Music has a powerful influence on our bodies AND our moods – which is why it’s important to choose upbeat songs that make you FEEL good. For many people, music can lead to better learning, it can improve your memory, help you focus, boost your mood, ease depression and anxiety, up your energy, and help you workout longer/harder!

7. Treat yourself to a warm bath.

Studies show that a warm (not hot) bath can help you relax by reducing stress hormones in your body. Plus it’s great to help you get to sleep afterward. But that’s just the start of it. A warm bath also can help reduce tension in your muscles and relieve aches & pains (try adding 300 grams of Epsom salts for even more benefit).

8. Look through old pics that make you smile.

A little visual walk down memory lane can give you perspective and help you feel gratitude for all the amazing people you’ve met along the way (and all the adventures you’ve had).

9. Cook a delicious dinner of your healthy favorites.

When was the last time you treated yourself to your favorite meal? If you’re the cook in your household, chances are you usually choose foods that other people will enjoy. Tonight, choose something YOU want. 🙂

10. Schedule a massage.

They’re great to reduce stress, improve circulation and energy, and even boost your immune system. Plus … you DESERVE IT!

Oh by the way, if you are in the Calgary area or nearby, we now have a RMT at the Other Pain Clinic Inc. Contact us for more details about massage therapy services.

So …

Let’s take a little extra time to show our bodies how much we LOVE them this weekend.

Make your day an amazing day and weekend,


CEO & Chief Medical Exercise Specialist at the Other Pain Clinic Inc

P.S. Another great way to show yourself some love: by taking excellent care of your health & wellness!

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